Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed CardType: Movie
Genre: Magical Girl / Drama
Vintage: 1999

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 02 Feb 2006

Grade: A

Sends the series out at the top of its game, while also tying up the last of the subplots from the television show.

Plot Summary
A few months after the series ends, Sakura is now is 6th grade, and her class is preparing a play for the upcoming town festival. Despite Sakura having changed all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards, it seems strange things are still happening… parts of town are disappearing, and now some of Sakura’s cards are missing! A call from Eriol in England reveals that there is in fact one more Clow Card left, one that had been sealed away… with all the negative power necessary for the 52 Clow Cards to have their positive power. With the Clow Cards now Sakura Cards, the spell on the sealed card has been lifted. The only thing that can be done now to set things right is for Sakura to find the way to capture the sealed card.

The Review
If you liked the way the series ended, this movie is the icing on the cake. It takes the one unresolved storyline and wraps it up perfectly in a way only Cardcaptor Sakura could.

Opening the movie with the demolition of Eriol’s house, it doesn’t take long to see that something is bound to happen… underneath the house, a lone card seems to have awakened. This is significant because Sakura has in fact already captured all the Clow Cards and turned them into Sakura Cards with her own magic. Why would there be another? It is this story which wraps itself nicely around the other story in the movie.

The other story is the dynamic of Sakura’s relationship with Shaoran. Shaoran and Meilin have come to Japan for the week to see the Tomoeda Festival (“among other things,” adds Meilin). For most of the second half of the TV series, Shaoran was trying to reconcile just how he felt about Sakura, and was finally able to come to a decision. Now, it’s Tomoyo and Meilin’s job to try and get the two together. This story takes up most of the first half of the movie. The pacing is just right, and this part of the movie is mostly the slice-of-life type of story that made up much of the series; there’s hardly any magic at all. This part of the movie sets up the dynamic between Sakura and Shaoran for the finale. When the magic does enter the story, it’s a natural progression, and the final battle ties everything together just right.

To say much more would spoil too much of the movie, but it is an absolute requirement for anyone who has completed the series. If you felt warm and fuzzy after the show was over, this second movie will have you simply melt.


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