Bottle Fairy

Bottle Fairy

Type: TV Series
Episode Count: 13
Genre: Hyper-cute Comedy / Fantasy
Vintage: 2003

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 08 Apr 2006

Grade: B

Fans of the ultra-cute, rejoice! Everyone else, run screaming for the hills.

Plot Summary
Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo are tiny fairies that live in bottles on Sensei-san’s desk. Their goal is to become human, so throughout the year they learn about human life and culture with the “help” of Tama-chan, the little girl next door.

The Review
Allow me a moment to chisel away the thick crust of sugar which now coats my television set. The only reason anyone needs to watch Bottle Fairy is because they want 10 minute doses of pure, unrestrained cute. The opening sequence alone, with lyrics like “puki puki payo”, is enough to send fans of this degree of cuteness into pure bliss.

Meet the Bottle Fairies… Kururu (red hair) is the leader, and a total spazz. Chiriri (blonde) is meek and girly. Sarara (grey hair) follows the way of the samurai. Hororo (black hair) is a space cadet who will eat anything in sight given the chance.

Each 10 minute episode of Bottle Fairy covers one month of the year. In each month, the Bottle Fairies find out about something in human culture, and each episode shows their attempt to understand it, whether it’s Children’s Day, school entrance exams, or New Year’s Eve. When they get stumped, they go next door to enthusiastic first-grader (and quasi-catgirl) Tama-chan, who usually sends them further off course with her own fractured interpretations of the month’s events. At the end of the day, the fairies want to show Sensei-san (which is what they call the person they live with, who seems to be in high school – this is the only name we ever know him by) how much they have learned.

How much you like watching ultra-cute SD characters running around doing silly things will decide whether or not this is a show for you. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff, which is why I got the series without knowing anything about it… I just looked at the DVD covers and that was it. If you don’t mind – or just enjoy – getting cavities while watching a show, add Bottle Fairy to your list.


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