Revolutionary Girl Utena OST 8: Adolescence Rush

Revolutionary Girl Utena OST 8: Adolescence RushTracks: 14
Running Time:
58 minutes

Date of Review: 16 Apr 2006

Grade: A+


  1. Rose is Rain – Rose Egg Rebirth Record
  2. Scarlet Group’s Dance ~ Reunion
  3. The Rose Signet ~ Sky Garden’s Bride
  4. Duelist ~ Resurrection! Never-ending History of the “Middle Ages”
  5. Illusion ~ Malice’s Pupa
  6. Belladonna’s Snare
  7. At Times, Love Is
  8. Akio’s Waltz ~ Video Recollection
  9. Naked Rose ~ Carnage – Constellations αψζ Galaxy
  10. Abraxas ~ The Sunlit Garden
  11. Absolute Destiny Apocalypse – Adolescence of Utena
  12. Decisive Battle ~ Bezelbub’s Royal Castle
  13. Round Dance Revolution ~ Adolescence Rush
  14. I Want To Be Your Fiancée -symphonic instrumental-

Track Composition:
J.A. Seazer
(1, 4, 9, 11)
Shinkichi Mitsumune (2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13)
Toshiro Yabuki (7, 13)
Mitsuhiro Oikawa (14)

Masami Okui
(7, 13)

If you loved the movie, there is no reason not to have this soundtrack, as the music is just that significant to the film’s narrative.

The Review
Wow. If ever a soundtrack recalled the images from its film, this is the one. Anyone who has seen the film will attest to just how strongly the music moves it along; it’s almost a character.

The J.A. Seazer tracks are frenetic as expected, including the two duel choruses. Absolute Destiny Apocalypse transcends its TV version with a different chord progression, making it even more menacing. Mitsumune’s tracks alternate between revisited themes from the television series, and amazing new pieces. The Rose Signet is simply beautiful. Once you see the film, Illuson ~ Malice’s Pupa will give you chills every single time from then on, guaranteed. The part of the movie it is from is beyond words. At Times, Love Is is an excellent J-Pop tune that fits seamlessly into the movie at a memorable moment. Tracks 11 through 13 make up the finale of the movie, and the visuals are choreographed to them. The version of Round Dance Revolution here is shorter lyrically, but runs about eight minutes in length, and provides an unexpectedly strong backdrop to the climax of the film. The final track is an instrumental version of the song that plays during the end credits. Rights issues prevented the vocal version as heard in the film from being used.

If you have seen the movie, I don’t have to tell you to track down this soundtrack immediately! Listening to it will bring back all of the wonder of watching the movie.


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