Revolutionary Girl Utena OST 4: Angelic Creation, Namely Light

Revolutionary Girl Utena OST 4: Angelic Creation, Namely LightTracks: 12
Running Time:
37 minutes

Date of Review: 07 May 2006

Grade: B


  1. Last Evolution
  2. Inside the Body of the Paleozoic Era
  3. The Earth as a Character Gallery
  4. Missing Link
  5. No One Talks About It
  6. W’s Prophecy
  7. Utopian Past Tense Incantation
  8. Supira Mirabirisu Theater
  9. Adolescence Apocalypse (instrumental)
  10. Absolute Destiny Apocalypse with Universal Gravitation
  11. Angelic Creation, Namely Light
  12. Angelic Creation, Namely Light (karaoke)

All tracks written by J.A. Seazer
Performed by Universal Gravitation

The duel choruses before they were duel choruses.

The Review
This is a somewhat unusual soundtrack in that these arrangements actually predate the Utena series itself. These are tracks from performance art pieces composed by J.A. Seazer, which were later rearranged and used as duel choruses in the Utena series. The booklet makes for a very interesting read with the history of these pieces, and the plays they were a part of.

Universal Gravitation is the name of the performing group that sings each of the pieces, and a look at the photos in the liner notes shows it to fit in with the overall avant-garde feeling of the Utena anime. These arrangements are generally longer than their series counterparts, with different instrumentation, and more of a ‘live’ feel to them, compared to the more controlled versions that would be the duel choruses. You can almost picture Universal Gravitation performing each play that these songs came from.

Overall, a good album for fans of the duel choruses, as this is a somewhat bizarre soundtrack and a bit of an acquired taste. Seazer fans shouldn’t be disappointed.


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