Figure 17 Image Album: …Itsuka kono basho de…

Figure 17 Image Album: ...Itsuka kono basho de...

Tracks: 6
Running Time:
19 minutes

Date of Review: 15 May 2006
revised 08 Jan 2010

Grade: A

(translated titles mine)

  1. ここにいるよ (I’m Right Here)
  3. Fairy Dance (chestnut recorder version)
  4. ここにいるよ (I’m Right Here) (chestnut recorder version)
  5. Fairy Dance
  6. 遠い景色 (Distant Landscape)

All tracks written by Toshihiko Takamizawa

Akiko Yajima
as Tsubasa Shiina (1, 2, 6)
Fumiko Orikasa as Hikaru Shiina (5)

Fans of Figure 17, you need this image album!

The Review
Though very short, this image album for Figure 17 is definitely worth seeking. When I got my copy, I was immediately impressed by the accompanying booklet. It’s full of beautiful watercolor sketches as well as some screenshots from the show, printed on heavy textured paper. It’s almost an artbook in miniature.

As far as the songs go, they are all very peaceful – even childlike – in nature, and reflect the relaxed country setting where the show takes place. Instrumentation is primarily acoustic, and the vocals are very gentle and appropriate, considering they are being sung by the characters of Tsubasa and Hikaru. After all, an Image Album is meant to be songs sung by the characters to share their feelings. Since I don’t speak or read Japanese, I can’t say for sure what the songs are about. I can pick out words and phrases here and there, but with only a scarcely rudimentary knowledge of the language and being unable to read the booklet that comes with the cd, I have to go by the overall feel of the album. I believe that this album has captured the feelings of Tsubasa and Hikaru quite effectively. Fumiko Orikasa’s version of the Figure 17 closing theme “Fairy Dance” alone is worth searching out this CD for.

Don’t let the short running time put you off in finding this cd. I feel this is a case where the elaborate packaging design makes the higher price of importing from Japan worthwhile for this CD.


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