A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

A Little Snow Fairy SugarType: TV Series + Special
Episode Count: 24 + 2
Genre: Fantasy / Drama
Vintage: 2001 / 2003

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 20 Dec 2006

Grade: B

A fun and light series that is undeniably cute, but also keeps the sugar factor in check. No pun intended.

Plot Summary
Saga is a girl who keeps a meticulous schedule. Everything has to be planned just so, since every minute is important. One day, her strict routine is derailed when she sees an exhausted little fairy taking cover in a rainstorm. This fairy, named Sugar, is an apprentice snow fairy, and just one of many Season Fairies that control the weather and seasons for humans. Sugar is in search of a “Twinkle” to complete her training and become a full-fledged snow fairy. Also, it seems that Saga is the only one that can see Sugar.

The Review
If you need a break from all of the heavy drama out there, it’s time to watch Sugar. This is a very simple series that’s all about stopping to look at the proverbial flowers. The plot isn’t piled on, the characters aren’t so complex that it takes five episodes to explain them, and just watching it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In short, it’s the perfect series to watch when you just want to be entertained (and revel in cuteness, too).

There are two lead characters in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Sugar, the apprentice Snow Fairy, and Saga. The series is about Sugar’s training and search for a “Twinkle”, but this also intertwines with Saga’s story, so the series also becomes something of a coming of age tale. As Sugar learns to make snow, Saga also learns to let go of some of her preoccupations and be more free-spirited. All of this is accomplished with the help of the secondary cast, which includes both fairies and Saga’s friends.

There is no need to search for hidden meaning or profound psychological insights in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, and that is where it gets most of its charm. This series is great when you want something simple and sweet to watch. Yes, it’s cute, but it won’t completely rot your teeth away either. It’s the perfect remedy for when you need to untie the knots in your mind.


A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Summer Special

Plot Summary
In flashback, the now 15 year old Saga remembers putting on a play in school, when her grandmother comes across the dress that Saga wore four years ago for the play.

The Review
The Summer Special provides a nice cap to the whole series, and is presented as its 25th and 26th episodes. The story takes place during the series, but is completely standalone. A basic knowledge of the characters is necessary to fully appreciate the character interactions, but other than that, everything I have said about the series applies to this special. The Summer Special is a cute and light diversion, and also offers a touching ‘second ending’ to the series.


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