Magical Play

Magical PlayType: Internet Shorts (TV Series)
Episode Count: 24 (4)
Genre: Surreal Magical Girl Parody
Vintage: 2001

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 21 Feb 2007
revised 10 Jan 2010

Grade: B

A bizarre trip into a twisted magical girl world.

Plot Summary
Padudu is a Magical Girl candidate from a land called Sea Heaven. She has come to Sweetland to embark on a quest for Hanamaru in order to become a magical girl. By completing various tasks, Padudu can earn Hanamaru in order to fill out a special card. Once the card is filled, she will be a full-fledged Magical Girl.

The Review
Magical Play was originally a series of animated shorts, each about 5 minutes in length, that were broadcast on the internet. These shorts were later put into four groups of six and aired on television. As a result, the series plays more like sketch comedy than a traditional television series.

The series follows Padudu and her companion/costume/food supply (yes, really) Uokichi on their travels through Sweetland in search of Hanamaru. Padudu is joined by two more Magical Girl candidates also on a quest for Hanamaru. Pipin is a girl with a carrot costume and a rabbit companion, and Myumyu is a girl whose companions double as her (only) clothing… two flat cats names Kyal and Lyka. They also meet Nonononn The Bully, who once upon a time was also a magical girl candidate. All of them are being watched from afar by Queen Purilun, who aims to control the entire world. Purilun sends her young lackey, a boy named Zucchini, in an effort to defeat her nemesis Nonononn.

In Sweetland, however, Magical Battles for Hanamaru are strictly controlled, and using magic in an unauthorized manner is frowned upon, which is why the police force of officers Mustard and Ketchup keep track of magic use.

With that cast, the stage is set for the random weird mayhem that makes up Magical Play. This is a series that is not meant to be taken seriously. The overall plot (such as there is) is unimportant; the point of watching Magical Play is to twist the magical girl cliché and poke fun at the genre. If you’re looking for something with a weird sense of humor in bite-sized pieces, Magical Play is a good choice.


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