Omishi Magical Theater Risky☆Safety

Omishi Magical Theater Risky☆SafetyType: TV Series
Episode Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy / Drama / Comedy
Vintage: 1999

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 02 Jul 2007

Grade: B

Shoujo in bite-sized pieces.

Plot Summary
Middle school student Moe Katsuragi is depressed. There’s been a misunderstanding between her and her boyfriend, and because of this an apprentice shinigami named Risky has been assigned to take her soul full of despair. But when things start to seem better, Risky changes into Safety, an apprentice angel sent to bless those surrounded by happiness. So begins Moe’s chapter of her life accompanied by this apprentice shinigami and apprentice angel that share the same body.

The Review
This is one of those shows that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you watch it. It’s very similar to A Little Snow Fairy Sugar in that respect. Both series focus on a young girl and her life with small sprites of some kind that are invisible to everybody but them. The difference is that in Omishi Magical Theater Risky☆Safety (from here on referred to as simply RiskySafety), the sprites are there to directly involve themselves in the protagonist’s life. Risky and Safety are both trying to become a full-fledged shinigami and angel respectively, but the twist is that since they inhabit the same body, Moe’s feelings dictate who will be the one to be trying to gain points toward their confirmation.

RiskySafety offers up a nice little shoujo series in bite sized pieces. Each episode is only 8 minutes long, so we see things happen one little scene at a time. Surprisingly, this doesn’t really hamper things such as plot or character development. Despite the short episode running length, the material covered is roughly equivalent to that of a regular 12 or 13 episode series with 25 minutes per episode.

While drama is the key ingredient for RiskySafety, given the size of two of the primary characters, comedy is present in a nearly equal amount. Risky is a brash and colorful character, and Safety is as sweet and demure as can be. Since they occupy the same body, they can’t really interact with each other, yet they do manage to in amusing ways over the course of the series. The only thing I couldn’t really grasp in the series is why Moe, a middle school girl, would be going out with a boy that’s still in elementary school. Maybe they were an item while Moe was still there and being older, she moved up first? To my amusement, some of Moe’s friends bring up this exact point in one episode! It’s not a major plot point, but it was something that was in the back of my mind while watching the show.

So, RiskySafety is a good way to get your shoujo fix in convenient little pieces. It’s an endearing little series that sneaks in under the radar, but is well worth your time if you like character dramas with a humorous side.


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