The World of Narue

The World of NarueType: TV Series
Episode Count: 12
Genre: Sci-Fi / Comedy
Vintage: 2003

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 30 Sep 2007

Grade: B

Pure fun, this is a series whose goal is to entertain, and it does a fine job. If only it were twice as long…

Plot Summary
Kazuto is your average middle school boy. On one fateful day, he is saved from an alien monster disguised as a puppy by a girl named Narue, who happens to be half-alien herself. Before he knows it, Kazuto has gained himself a new girlfriend: Narue.

The Review
The World of Narue is a very simple series, and is just plain fun. It’s full of characters who are fun to watch. There’s no heavy plot here; this is another example of a quality fluff series. You watch The World of Narue to see fun characters and be entertained by them.

The idea of the series is to watch Kazuto – an ordinary boy, and Narue – a not so ordinary girl, go through their everyday lives with their friends and families. There’s a little bit of an overall story, but it’s not vital and exists primarily to add a layer of drama. There are no real enemies in the story aside from some rather ineffective space ninjas that show up in a few episodes. The World of Narue is a comedy with some dramatic undertones, but being fun is where its success lies.

Kazuto is a typical anime fan with posters of his favorite anime girl all over his room, and he’s somewhat shy and awkward at times. Narue is bubbly and fun, but put Kazuto or her family in danger and you’d better watch out. Her space powers come in handy every once in a while on earth as well. There’s also Kazuto’s classmates… Hajime, the girl who loves UFOs and sci-fi who is out to prove that Narue is a fraud, and Hajime’s next door neighbor and childhood friend Masaki, who wants to help Kazuto stay together with Narue. Narue’s family, and in particular her sister Kanaka who is introduced a few episodes in, has some great characters in it as well that contribute to the varied cast.

So overall, The World of Narue is a very entertaining fluff series that could have easily been twice as long and just as good. It won’t change your perspective on the world, but you’ll have a dozen 25-minute doses of fun watching it.


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