Someday’s Dreamers: Spellbound

Someday's Dreamers: SpellboundStory: Norie Yamada
Kumichi Yoshizuki
Genre: Drama / Fantasy
Volume Count: 5
Vintage: 2004

Version reviewed: English Translated
Date of Review: 30 May 2008

Grade: B

A sequel – or more accurately, a new story set in the same world – that I thought was even better than the original.

Plot Summary
17 year old Nami Matsuo feels she is a failure at magic. She was born a magic user, but hasn’t cast a successful spell in her entire life. In spite of this, she is well liked at school and has many friends. One day while out taking photographs, by chance (and by all accounts not a good one), she meets Ryutaro Tominaga, who seems to be cold-hearted. Despite this, after their run in, Nami slowly finds herself falling for Ryutaro.

The Review
Once I found out about this manga, I knew I had to add it to my collection, if only for Kumichi Yoshizuki’s artwork. As I was reading it, I was glad to discover that I was liking this story even more than the original Someday’s Dreamers. It’s a longer story, so things didn’t seem as compressed as they did in the original. Also, at least through the first part of the story, we are able to meet several of the supporting characters in a little more depth. This changes in the last part of the story, which instead focuses on Nami and Ryutaro.

Spellbound takes place in a world with magic in it, but there are long stretches of the story where magic has nothing at all to do with what is going on. Ironically, this is what I thought helped to make the story work so well. Magic seems almost like an afterthought for much of Spellbound, but it does play a significant role and stand out in the parts where it is needed.

So overall, Spellbound is more about Nami’s struggle to grasp her feelings with a backdrop of her magical aspirations rather than the other way around. The two aspects of the story combine nicely though, so just when you forget that this is a world with magic in it, something will happen to remind you. I’d recommend Spellbound to anyone who enjoys reading a story which is – let’s face it – primarily a well-written romance with some fantasy overtones in a real world setting.


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