Magic User’s Club!

Magic User's ClubType: OVA
Episode Count: 6
Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Comedy
Vintage: 1995

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 22 Sep 2008

Grade: B

A goofy little series from Junichi Sato, the first director of Sailor Moon.

Plot Summary
Without warning, a giant cylinder arrives on earth. From it, various robots come down and explore amongst the people, who are told by the government to pretend that the robots are not there and just to carry on their usual routine. Even the military was unsuccessful in their attempt to conquer these strange visitors. There is a new organization that has come along to try and find out what these visitors want and send the Bell (which is what the large cylinder is now called) away. The ones who have decided to take on this immense task are… a high school Magic User’s Club?

The Review
Magic User’s Club is a fun little series with a unique sense of humor. Much of it is at the expense of one of the main characters: Takeo Takakura, president of the Magic User’s Club. First, fellow member Ayanojyo Aburatsubo shamelessly flirts with him. Takeo might not ordinarily object to this kind of constant attention, though he’d prefer that it was from a girl. This brings up the second source of humor from Takeo: his constant fantasizing about the girls in the Magic User’s Club. Many times, Takeo will get caught up in imagining the girls in various states of undress while they confess their love to him. This usually results in getting left behind as the others continue whatever they were doing and a stern glare from Aburatsubo.

Rounding out this primary group of five are the three girls of the club. Sae Sawanoguchi is the lead in the series. She’s your typical clumsy teenager; a second year student who always wants to try her hardest but gets discouraged easily and tends to be a bit of a klutz. Next is her best friend Nanaka Nakatomi, who seems to regret ever joining the club. She always ends up supporting Sae when she can, though. Last is the new first year student Akane Aikawa. She is a natural at magic but seems indifferent about her talent, and she rarely shows up at club meetings. She’s much more interested in her life as a model, so getting to photoshoots tends to rank higher in importance to her than meeting with the others.

That is the cast of characters who will take it upon themselves to find out what the Bell is and try to get rid of it. There is one small obstacle though; at Takeo’s insistence, they must not be seen in public doing magic. Despite this, they all have flashy outfits that they wear for club functions. It’s also worth noting that nobody in the series is inherently magical. They perform magic the old fashioned way, by learning and chanting spells with a magic wand. There are no transformation sequences here, something that Takeo is probably disappointed about.

Magic User’s Club does contain a complete story, though the ending lends itself to a continuation, which it does get in the form of a TV series. On its own though, the Magic User’s Club OVA is plenty of fun and is worth checking out for fans of school comedies and fantasy.


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