Magic User’s Club!

Magic User's ClubType: TV Series
Episode Count: 13
Genre: Fantasy / Comedy
Vintage: 1999

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 26 Oct 2008

Grade: B

More fun with Sae, Nanaka, and Akane. Takakura and Aburatsubo, too.

Plot Summary
Picking up right where the OVA left off, the further trials of the Magic User’s Club continue. Their lives are soon interrupted by a mysterious person who seems to be following them everywhere.

The Review
While the first episode of the TV series implies that a direct sequel to the OVA is in order, it’s only that first episode which directly ties into the OVA’s story and sort of ties things up as far as that is concerned. After that, the series makes a transformation from being plot-driven (as the OVA was) to being character-driven. It feels much more like a slice of life series than a fantasy comedy, though those aspects are certainly retained.

While the OVA focused on the story at hand, the TV series is more centered on Sae. Each of the characters do get explored in at least one episode, but overall this round of the series is all about Sae and her own aspirations, magical and otherwise. This is coupled with the group’s encounters with a mysterious figure that seems to be everywhere that they are. Character relationships are the focus though, so most of the action is a vehicle to expand on each of them.

If it sounds like I am talking in circles (it sure feels like I am writing in them!), it’s because this series really is that simple. I would advise that anyone interested in the TV series of Magic User’s Club should see the OVA first, as that is where all of the characters are introduced. The TV series provides further details, but the OVA has the groundwork that most people will need to understand each of the characters’ motivations. I definitely recommend this series to anyone who enjoyed the Magic User’s Club OVA. Rather than more of the same, you’ll get a good alternate angle with the events that follow.


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