Sasami Magical Girls Club Season 2

Sasami Magical Girls Club Season 2Type: TV Series
Episode Count: 13
Genre: Fantasy / Comedy
Vintage: 2006

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 25 Dec 2008

Grade: B

The further adventures of Sasami, Misao, Anri, Tsukasa, and Makoto.

Plot Summary
Picking up shortly after the conclusion of events in the first season, Sasami and her friends are summoned back to the world of magic for another gathering. This time though, something doesn’t seem quite right…

The Review
You’ll definitely want to watch the first season of Sasami before this one, as this is a direct sequel which picks right up where the first left off with little explanation.

While season one was primarily character-based and its main goal was to introduce the five girls, season two takes this knowledge and works in a slightly more substantial plot to go with it. Some familiar elements from the not-quite-parallel world of Pretty Sammy make an appearance here, although in a different form. While all five girls got relatively equal screen time in the first season, this time the focus is more on Sasami and Misao, along with a supporting character who made their first appearance in the previous season.

The story is relatively standard fantasy fare, and resembles the possible result of putting Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon, and Magic User’s Club into a blender and then hitting ‘purée’. Unexpectedly, even with this show’s relative autonomy from the Tenchi Muyo! canon, there was a story arc in Sasami which reminded me a little bit of that distant ancestor. This was a nice surprise, actually.

Fans of the character Sasami and the Pretty Sammy series would probably find Sasami (the series) a fun little show, as long as they are open to a radically different world and new character designs. This isn’t a remake of Pretty Sammy, but an entirely new series which redefines the characters from the ground up.


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