What’s New in Version 3.0

After nine days of preparation, I am proud to present Version 3.0 of Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft! This was a change brought about by necessity, but in the end I think I’ve successfully improved the site as well as migrating it.

While I’ve made every attempt to retain the feel of the old site, moving to WordPress opens up a world of new possibilities!

Along with the completely new site format comes a host of new features:

  • Reader Comments – You can now leave comments on most pages! If you want to share your own thoughts on one of my reviews or character pages, now you can! (All comments will be moderated.)
  • Browse by Genre – Thanks to the new blog format, reviews can now be browsed by genre!  Look for the tag cloud in the sidebar.
  • RSS Feed – Subscribe to the site and never miss a new review posting!
  • New Review ID Images – Virtually all reviews have received larger, higher quality graphics for identification as part of the reformatting process. In many cases, they’ve received brand new images which better represent the title being reviewed!
  • Revised Reviews – All reviews have been spot-checked for grammar and content for the transition. Reviews which have had significant changes made to their content will be noted by a revision date. Over the coming days and weeks, all reviews will be cross-linked. In other words, if I mention another title in a review, you’ll be able to jump to that review without having to search for it.
  • Recompiled Links Section – I’ve sorted through my old links page and my own bookmarks and picked the cream of the crop! These are anime sites that you’ll want to check out.

If you’ve been a visitor to Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft over the past four years, you know that I typically had an update each month and described it briefly on the front page of the site. With the new blog format, there will be some subtle changes to this process. New reviews will likely be posted without an announcement on the front page, since the reviews themselves will appear on the front page as they are published. They will also appear on the RSS feed. Any new site features will still be announced on the front page, and these announcements will also appear on the RSS feed.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together! I’ll be working out any bugs that crop up over the next few days and weeks. Now, all that remains is to see how it adapts and grows here in its new home.

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