Hidamari Sketch x365

Hidamari Sketch x365Type: TV Series + Specials
Episode Count: 13 + 1 + 2
Genre: Slice Of Life / Comedy
Vintage: 2008 / 2009

Version reviewed: Japanese Subtitled
Date of Review: 24 May 2010

Grade: A

Hidamari Sketch (aka Sunshine Sketch) continues to be the anime equivalent of cotton candy: fluffy and sweet with no nutritional value, but once you finish it, you want more because you like it so much.

Plot Summary
More days in the lives of Yuno, Miya, Sae, and Hiro.

The Review
Rather than picking up where the first season left off (which is pretty much impossible anyway, since it’s not a chronological series), the second wave of Hidamari Sketch episodes takes place during the same span of time, jumping around in time once again.

Hidamari Sketch x365 is a case where ‘more of the same’ is a good thing. The formula here is identical to that of the first season, taking events from the manga seemingly at random (though usually tied together by  a theme) to show us a day in the lives of the girls at the Hidamari Apartments in each episode. Yuno is still childlike, Miya is still getting all the free food she can, Hiro is still obsessing over her weight, and Sae is still writing. Yoshinoya-sensei is still getting routinely scolded by the school principal, too.

The final assessment of Hidamari Sketch x365 is very simple; if you enjoyed the first season, by all means continue on with the second. Laid-back slice of life stories don’t get much more easy to watch than this.


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