Mobile Suit Gundam-san


Type: TV Series
Episode Count: 13
Genre: Comedy
Vintage: 2014
Date of Review: November 10, 2014

Are you prepared for answers to the Gundam questions you never asked? Too bad, because Mobile Suit Gundam-san is here! Learn all about Amuro Ray’s lecherous thoughts towards his female shipmates! Find out just what makes Haro tick! Watch Char Aznable square off against his true archnemesis! And see just what life was like growing up in the Zabi household!

Based on the manga by Hideki Owada, Gundam-san is a comedy series, pure and simple. Poking plenty of ridiculous fun at the original Mobile Suit Gundam is the name of the game, so familiarity with that series is necessary to get most of the jokes. There’s a few clever references to later series, but again, they might fly right over the heads of non-fans.

Despite much of the humor being slapstick or “juvenile,” Gundam-san isn’t quite appropriate for young children. There’s a lot of perverted humor, complete with cheesecake shots and other fanservice. (No nudity, though. At least none that isn’t obscured.) It’s all done for comedic effect, though, rather than being distracting or eyeroll-inducing like many other anime series. Other scenes are specifically designed for shock value, especially when it comes to Char and Amuro’s pain. There are some things you just can’t unsee! Watch the entire end credits sequence, and then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Gundam-san‘s animation runs from highly detailed to an exact replica of the classic Mobile Suit Gundam style to over-the-top exaggerations, often cycling through multiple styles in the same scene. Jarring, for sure, but all in the name of satire! Furthermore, the episodes are short and sweet: each one is about two to three minutes long. You could watch the entire series in less than an hour!

By far, the highlight of Gundam-san is when Lalah Sune buys a new pet out of a vending machine: a red baby chicken. Of course, he wears a copy of Char’s mask, as is thus known as the Red Comet Hiyoko. The chick proves a formidable foe indeed, as Char’s numerous attempts the murder the creature end in colossal failure, while Hiyoko’s malevolent plans ensure Char’s constant suffering. This recurring conflict is absolutely hilarious, and you too will bow down before Hiyoko as your new lord and master.

If you’re a big original Gundam series junkie who can handle some oddball humor, then Gundam-san is right up your alley. If not…just grow up and learn to love the Z’Gok like a true man.

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