YuYushikiType: TV Series
Episode Count: 12
Genre: Comedy / Slice of Life
Vintage: 2013

Version reviewed: Japanese, Subtitled
Date of Review: 13 Apr 2015

Grade: A

Another satisfying helping of 4-koma based comedy.

Plot Summary
Yui, Yuzuko, and Yukari have just begun high school and are trying to decide which club to join. They discover the Data Processing club, which currently has no members, and save it from elimination by joining it as a trio. It’s not so much about what the Data Processing club does – which turns out to be mostly looking things up about a randomly chosen daily topic on the internet and summarizing their findings – but the daily lives of the three girls at school and elsewhere.

The Review
If you’re already a fan of 4-koma based series, what are you waiting for? YuYushiki (pronounced yew-YEWSH-key) will be a fine addition to your anime library.

For the benefit of everyone else, a fuller description. YuYushiki is 4-koma based slice of life comedy, so it’s certainly nothing new. What could this series possibly do that hasn’t been done before? I couldn’t tell you definitively, as I have not seen every 4-koma based series ever created, but I can tell you that YuYushiki struck me as fun and original.

As always, the cast is key in a 4-koma, so allow me to introduce you to them. Yuzuko (pink hair) is the spazz. She’s also easily distracted by cats. Yukari (purple hair) is a rich girl, but she’s no snooty ojou-sama. In fact, she is more of a space cadet than anything else. Finally, there’s Yui (blonde), the voice of reason and sanity. In addition to the main trio is their homeroom teacher Yoriko, though rather than addressing her as sensei, the girls call her Okaa-san (Mom) because of her gentle nature. Soon they also make friends with another trio of girls in the class.

YuYushiki is about girls in their school club, but the Data Processing club isn’t where most of the activity in the series takes place, nor is the humor computer-based, so as long as you enjoy good comedy, there are no obstacles in the way in terms of subject matter. What can be found in plentiful supply in YuYushiki are wordplay and puns, which are some of the most challenging things to convert from one language to another. Somehow, it seems to work, as I quite enjoyed the many times when linguistics were the source of the jokes. Much of the humor in YuYushiki is derived from Yuzuko and Yukari acting like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and/or tormenting Yui as Yui tries to knock some sense into the two of them. Often literally.

…and that’s all there is to it. Another in a long string of 4-koma based slice of life comedies, YuYushiki still manages to bring something good to the table, and I certainly look forward to revisiting the Data Processing club someday.


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