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Updates from the site’s previous incarnation

~ 04 Jan 2010 ~
Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft is moving. I am not sure exactly when or where yet, but it will be sometime in the next couple of months. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, updates on the change will be posted to my Twitter account and/or my blog, so make sure to follow those for developments as they occur!

Again, this site will be moving! Stay tuned to Twitter or my blog, and you won’t miss a single update!

~ 30 Dec 2009 ~
Ah, December madness. That and timing that didn’t work out for the new show I am currently watching mean that unfortunately I have no new reviews up for this month. No reviews doesn’t mean no update, though! I have added a new character shrine, bringing the tally up to six. The new addition is for a character that I’ve been fond of for many years now, going back to my early days as an anime fan, so be sure to see who it is! She’s truly divine, and that’s your only hint. 😉

And so goes another year here at the Loft. Thanks for visiting, whether you’re a regular reader or you stumbled in from a search engine! I’ll be ringing in 2010 with some new reviews, so look forward to them!

~ 30 Nov 2009 ~
Making it in just under the wire, I present the November update! It’s a bundle pack this time, with this month’s new reviews being one for an anime series and one for a manga series.
This month’s anime selection is one that is probably not on most people’s radar, but those who are open to trying new things may find something to their liking. The manga title reviewed is for a great ongoing series with a specific audience in mind, but can still be enjoyed by just about anyone. Your only hint is that it’s a 4-koma!
And there you have it. Head on over to the reviews section and check out the new entries!

~ 26 Oct 2009 ~
It is with great joy that I present the October update! This one came together without a hitch and relatively quickly. So quickly, in fact, that in addition to the usual two reviews per month, I was able to put together a new character mini-shrine as well! It’s been a long time since I’ve made one, but this one was an easy choice.
The reviews are for a couple of very different shows, both of which are quite good in their own way. The new character shrine is for someone in one of these shows who won me over as I watched it. With that, enjoy the new stuff!

~ 29 Sep 2009 ~
Another month, another pair of reviews! I’ve got my take on a series which met and surpassed my expectations, and one that fell short. The two series are quite different, with one specializing in being cute, and the other being a more straightforward genre piece. Head on over to the reviews section to check them out!

~ 30 Aug 2009 ~
This is the update that didn’t want to be done. Between a heatwave and feeling ill – both of which sapped me of energy and motivation – I was fortunate to conquer as much as I did. I fell a bit short as far as what I wanted to have prepared for this update, but I do have two new reviews up for some stellar titles, one anime and one manga. With any luck, September’s update won’t be so difficult to finish.

~ 29 Jul 2009 ~
As promised, the reviews for the longer series alluded to last month are up! One breaks the fifty episode mark while the other is a standard twenty-six episode sequel which nearly surpasses its first installment. Both are well worth your time, so be sure to give them a try.

~ 27 Jun 2009 ~
As I somewhat expected, this month’s update is a small one; just one new manga review. I’m in the midst of watching a couple of longer series, and the reviews for them will be ready in time for July’s update. So head on over to the Reviews section, and also check Fandom for the latest batch of new avatars.

~ 18 May 2009 ~
Moving right along, there are two new reviews for your perusal this month. One for an anime series which is a lot better than appearances may suggest, and one for a manga title which should come with a warning from the American Dental Association. ;D
Stay tuned for June’s update, which at this point is going to be a surprise even for me. There may be something new other than reviews! We shall see…

~ 20 Apr 2009 ~
It’s sequel time this month. Two new reviews are up for some very worthy series continuations. You’ll definitely want to check out the earlier titles of this month’s new additions, too.
I’ve also added a link to my new blog in the sidebar on the left. If you’ve ever wanted to know a little bit more about your humble webmaster, then there is your opportunity.
That’s all for this time around. A short update, but a good one!

~ 16 Mar 2009 ~
It’s a rare mid-month update! Don’t let the quick turnaround fool you; I’ve got another pair of new reviews waiting to be read! One is for a series that defies its almost silly premise and is actually quite good, and the other is for the best manga comedy you’ve never heard of. Keen observers will note that my manga titles are continuing to expand beyond merely the letter ‘s’ once more! 😉
April’s slate of reviews is shaping up to be a pretty good one, so be sure to check back again next month!

~ 28 Feb 2009 ~
I’ve got the requisite two new reviews up once more this month, both for some very interesting shows, so check them out if you get the chance!
And now for a very special announcement! The folks over at Nine Panel Nerds recently invited me to be on their show as a special guest. For almost an hour and a half, we rambled on about manga and a little bit of anime, so be sure to head over there and listen to episode 65! It’s my podcast debut, so go easy on me. 😉
There you have it. A big update for a small month! See you again in March!

~ 28 Jan 2009 ~
New year, new reviews! I was anticipating to have three new ones up this time, and while I still probably could have, I’ve opted to save one of them for February. But fear not! The two new ones that are up are both for some pretty good stuff. For starters, there’s another new manga review up at long last! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those, and this one makes up for lost time, I think. (And if you’re a regular visitor to the site, you’ll note that the title of this one does not start with the letter ‘s’! 😉 ) Also, be sure to check out the movie that I’ve written about, it’s sure to become a classic looked favorably upon for years to come!

~ 27 Dec 2008 ~
For the final update of 2008, I have two new reviews as promised, but also a bonus third review! As Christmas has just passed, my gift to you is my take on a fairly recent holiday title. I have also tweaked the review index page a bit, as it was starting to get a bit unruly. I think you’ll now find it a bit easier to browse! See you in 2009!

~ 30 Nov 2008 ~
It’s a small addition this month: just one new review. I’ve been rewatching some shows I’ve wanted to see again, so my only new review is for a series I actually finished in October, but saved writing up for November anticipating no new material for this past month. December should see a return to the typical two review update!

~ 29 Oct 2008 ~
What’s this? An update before the last day of the month?! Yep, somehow I managed to do it. I got new material ready before the last minute! Two more new reviews are up (surprise); one’s a sequel, and one’s a new personal favorite. I’m always happy to discover more shows like that, and I’m sure there’s plenty of good stuff out there that I haven’t found yet. So that’s it for this time… happy reading!
And I nearly forgot: Happy 3rd Birthday 2.0! October 31st marks the third anniversary of version 2.0! I think it’s safe to say that the new format was a success, and has proved to be in little danger of going static. Here’s to three more years, a few eternities in internet-time! (The site itself is more than seven years old now! Not too shabby either, eh?)

~ 30 Sep 2008 ~
I’m beginning to sense a pattern here… end of the month updates with two reviews and a new avatar – the latter of which is found in “Fandom”. Well, there’s something to be said for routine. For this month, I’ve got an OVA and a movie up for your perusal. The movie is another from the impressive Ghibli catalog, so make sure you try to see it!

~ 31 Aug 2008 ~
In at the last minute again with the new stuff for August. This month it’s a couple of series from Madhouse, so you know they are going to look good. That’s about it for this time around aside from the monthly new avatar that has been posted in Fandom. Enjoy!

~ 31 Jul 2008 ~
It’s that time again! This is a fairly standard update (haven’t had one of those in a while) with two new reviews up for your perusal. No writer’s block this time (yay!) but procrastination was once again my enemy. Still, I was victorious and have new stuffs for you to read! The theme this time seems to be high school girls. The two shows couldn’t be much further apart, though… check it out!

~ 30 Jun 2008 ~
This last-minute update stuff has to come to an end! I had material all ready to write about early on this month, but here it is practically over and I have little to show for it. With luck, I can make up for this disappointment in July. I just need to make myself the time to sit down and write.
Anyway, enough of taking it out on myself! I do have two new reviews up for your reading delight, so there is something to show for June. One of them is for something fun, and the other is one that was probably a glaring omission on the site, but now that is remedied! Enjoy the new reviews, and check back next month to see how much catch-up I was able to do… ^_^;

~ 31 May 2008 ~
May has been a pretty slow month. Well, not really, because most of what I am reading and watching won’t be ready to review until June! However, I do still have one new review up for you to check out… There’s also a new avatar up on the avatar page, surprisingly enough.
Well, that’s all I’ve got for this time around. Stay tuned for June though, I’m going to be reviewing an anime title that I’m sure you figured should have been on this site by now. And next update, it will be!

~ 30 Apr 2008 ~
Another month has passed, and there are two new reviews to check out. I needed some light viewing this time around, so both series are easy shows to watch, where being entertained is the main objective. Also, check the avatars page, as there is a new one to see.
That’s about it for this time around. A simple update for a laid-back month.

~ 23 Mar 2008 ~
Spring is here, and so is another update. Despite taking something of a break from my usual viewing habits, I still have a new review up to check out. It’s another lesser known Ghibli film that is well worth your time. Series-wise, I’ve taken a bit of a breather by rewatching my (tied for) all-time favorite series, Figure 17. Nothing helps to recharge the old batteries quite like watching something that reminds me of why I enjoy anime so much. That’s something I recommend when you feel burnout starting to set in: take a little bit of a break by watching something that can renew your appreciation for it.
To make up for the smaller amount of reviews this month, I am introducing a new section to the site! Head over to Fandom, and look for the link to the new page: Avatars! You may now see how I represent myself online, 1000 square pixels at a time. This is a section that will constantly be added to, so check it from time to time.

~ 29 Feb 2008 ~
Happy Leap Day! February 29th comes only once every four years, but you won’t have to wait that long for my next update here. ;D
As promised, I have three new reviews for your reading delight. At last, another manga review. It’s one that spawned an anime (which I have already reviewed) and actually does not start with the letter ‘S’! There are also two new anime reviews, both for high-quality shows. Check them out!
March is shaping up to be light in the reviews department, so I’ll see what else I can do to make it an update to look forward to…

~ 30 Jan 2008 ~
Well, I had high hopes for a decent sized update for January, but it still didn’t happen. There must have been some event three years ago that triggered it. And that, dear reader, is a hint as to what this month’s sole new review is. Be sure to check it out. I’m pretty sure it’s for a series that you’ve heard of. In fact, I can almost guarantee it.
For February, there will be at least three new reviews! ^_^

~ 31 Dec 2007 ~
Another year draws to a close, and it’s another month of new reviews to share. To make up for last month’s small update, I have three new titles up for you to read about! And for those of you who were worried that I was watching too many series with the word ‘magic’ or ‘magical’ in the title, I am pleased to say that none of this month’s new reviews are about ‘magical’ shows! ^_^; But, this only means that they might be back with a vengeance later on. 😉
January’s update is already starting to shape up, and one of the reviews on tap is for a powerhouse of a series that just about every anime fan has heard about in 2007, unless they were living in a cave all year. Stay tuned…

~ 29 Nov 2007 ~
Just a mini update this time. I only have one new review up, but what I lack in quantity this month I make up for in quality. At long last I have added another Ghibli film to the list of reviews! Be sure to check it out.

~ 31 Oct 2007 ~
Two years, about eighty reviews! I think I’ve managed pretty well since reinventing and relaunching this site on this day in 2005. While I don’t have anything spectacular to mark the occasion, I do have two new reviews for your reading enjoyment. And believe it or not, there is still more to come! Thanks to an ever-growing anime collection, it’s not very likely that I will run out of things to review, so you can count on an update just about every month, as I have been doing for the past 24 months, only missing two. The mini-shrines may be slower in being introduced, but keep checking for the next one!
Thanks again for visiting!

~ 30 Sep 2007 ~
Another last minute update! Just a modest one again with two new reviews to check out for some fun and unique shows.
My free time isn’t what it once was, and it is having a real effect on the time that I am able to set aside for maintaining this website, but not to worry… I have no intention of letting the site get away from me! Updates may not be as frequent or have as much content as I may like, but I’m going to do my best to keep my own goal of an update per month going. There will always be something new to add!
We’ll see what October brings… the next update may fall right around the two year anniversary of my renewal and reinvention of the site. ^_^

~ 31 Aug 2007 ~
Well, I barely snuck this update in on time… lack of free time has resulted in a last-days rush to meet my self-imposed end-of-month deadline, and a rewrite may be in order for one of the new reviews, but I’ll see how a few days and then a re-read fares. Just a standard update this time, two new reviews. With any luck, the next update won’t suffer as much from lack of time set aside. ::sigh::
Anyway, one of the new reviews is for a series that everyone should try out! Happy reading. ^_^

~ 20 Jul 2007 ~
Six Years Of The Cabbit! ^_^
That’s right! It was six years ago today that I launched my humble little anime fansite! Click here to take a stroll down memory lane… A lot has changed in six years – though for two and a half of those years, nothing changed – but one thing remains the same; I made this site to share my interest of anime with the world and anyone who cared to take the time to look at this website, so whether you visit regularly or this is your first time here, thank you!
Now, on to business. For my special sixth year anniversary update, I have two new reviews for you to check out. Taking it easy is the idea this time around. As in the shows take it easy and are relaxing to watch. Also, I have a new mini-shrine up! It’s for a character who is quite possibly my all-time favorite, and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised to see who it is.
Happy browsing, and see you again in August! ^_^

~ 30 Jun 2007 ~
Here I am again, squeaking in another update before my self-imposed deadline of the end of the month! To make up for it, I have three new reviews for your perusal. Two more anime series, including my all time favorite series, and a new show that also ranks very highly thanks to a combination of key staff and subject matter. As advertised in the last update, there is also a new manga review of a very fun series beginning with the letter ‘S’. There must be something with the way the stars are aligned… I can’t manage to read much of anything that doesn’t start with the letter ‘S’! ^_^;
So enjoy, and the next update will be up before July 31, I promise! 😉

~ 31 May 2007 ~
Watching longer series + writer’s block = small update. It’s not much, but I have two new reviews up to show for the last month and change; one anime and one manga. The manga, shockingly enough, starts with the letter ‘S’ again, so there seems to be some sort of a theme in that department! I’ve also barely made it in to keeping with an update every month, but I did it! Hopefully I’ll have more to show for June… At the very least, I will have a review of my all-time favorite anime series up next time!

~ 20 Apr 2007 ~
Another month, another update! This one was once again plagued by writer’s block with a dash of not enough time set aside for working on the site. The former can’t be helped much; the latter is my own fault. I could have had this update ready more than a week ago, but no matter… here it is now!
Once more, this update is all reviews. Featured in this round are a couple of uniquely Japanese titles. “But isn’t that redundant?” I hear you ask. In some ways, you’d be right. However, the way that I intend it is that some of the titles I have reviewed this time are more dependent in some ways on being familiar with Japanese culture than others, so grab your passport. Shinto gods and Imperial theatre troupes await! (Those were hints. ^_^) With any luck, the next update will see something more than just new reviews…

~ 18 Mar 2007 ~
How about that? Almost six weeks to the day from Groundhog Day and here’s the next update! That critter’s better than I thought. So, here’s what I have for you this time around… A manga review of a title that doesn’t begin with the letter ‘S’! It was bound to happen someday. I’ve also got an anime review in this batch for a famous Gainax title directed by Hideaki Anno. Oh whatever could it be? So, it’s an all review update this time around… happy reading!

~ 02 Feb 2007 ~
Well, for only the second time since October of 2005, I have missed posting an update in two consecutive months. Fear not, though… the site is in no danger of going static. January was just a busy month! Anyway, this is a routine update, so there are three new reviews to check out. This time, I advise you to remove your brain and place it in a blender, as two of the new reviews are for series that will do just that!
And the groundhog has just informed me that there will be another update in about six weeks! ^_^;

~ 24 Dec 2006 ~
Merry Christmas! 
My gift to you is three and a half new reviews! The half review is really a whole one though. You’ll understand when you see it. ^_^ As promised, there’s a new manga review for your reading enjoyment in this update. The big question now is “will I ever review a manga whose title does not being with the letter ‘S’?” Only time will tell… Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you in 2007 for the next update!

~ 23 Nov 2006 ~
In this update, I am happy to say that the latest of the Yoshitoshi ABe series has been reviewed, so now all of his work in anime to date is represented here on the site! ^_^ Also appearing this time around are a couple more series by Akitaroh Daichi; one that is a defining work, and another that didn’t quite hit the mark, but was still fun to watch. There will be many more first-time series for me in the near future to review, thanks to a load of bargain box sets I’ve been getting lately. Also, keep a look out for another manga review in the next update…

~ 28 Oct 2006 ~
Happy (Almost) One Year Anniversary to me for bringing this site back from the brink of extinction! Three days from now marks one year from my grand reinvention of this site, and if you visited at all in the past year, thank you! Looking back at my reviews section, except for three titles which were upgraded sections from the old site, every review represents a series or movie that I have watched in the past year. Lots of revisiting titles I’ve had for a few years, as well as plenty of new titles to me that I watched for the very first time. There will be plenty to come as far as reviews go, since there’s always something new to see. My goal for the second year of reinvention is to add even more content, so we’ll see what my imagination comes up with as the months go by this time…
As for this update, it’s just a modest one. Three new reviews; something special, something fun, and something different. Also, you may notice that I added a brief intro to this front page. My site description was buried in the first post of this ‘blog’ back on the history page, so I adapted it and put it up top, just to make sure that my reason for this site is easy to find.

~ 24 Sep 2006 ~
This update gave me a harder time than most, and as a result is up a little later than I was hoping. Not helping matters any is a writing block I seem to have developed as far as reviews are concerned. Hopefully this latest batch holds up to my standards, otherwise revisions down the road will be in order. On that note, two of the new reviews up mark the debut of Yoshitoshi ABe into the list. He’s my favorite artist, so I’m glad to finally have two of his shows up so I can tell you all about them. 😉
Also, at long last I have another mini-shrine up for your perusal, bringing the count up to three. Better late than never.
The next update should be on or around the one year mark since resurrecting this site, and I have yet to determine if anything special will mark the occasion. Stay tuned…

~ 12 Aug 2006 ~
Now, to the update that was supposed to be, and turned out bigger than I expected. A small plethora of new reviews are up… (count em: six!) including one for a series that surely everybody on the planet has seen by now, or at least heard of, and also another manga review at long last! I need to read more… I also added another artist link.
And despite all this time since the last proper update, I haven’t put together that elusive next shrine. I’ve got ideas for things to add to the site even beyond that, but haven’t made the time to do them yet. I missed the site’s birthday (five years old on July 20th, I can’t believe it), but Halloween is the first anniversary of this site’s rising from the ashes. With any luck I’ll have some new things up before then, and if I’m really on top of things, something for that day too… We shall see!

~ 10 Jul 2006 ~
An unplanned stealth update because I wanted to get a revised review up right away rather than waiting. As a bonus, I’m uploading one new review that was originally going to be part of the next scheduled update. Enjoy!

~ 14 Jun 2006 ~
It’s OVA time! Perhaps by coincidence, but more likely because TV series burnout was setting in, I’ve just gone through a string of OVAs in my collection. You know what that means… another round of new reviews. Ideas are also churning for the next mini-shrine; I’m aiming for the next update for that.

~ 25 May 2006 ~
Another good size batch of reviews are up! Head over to that section and check ’em out! A new section for artists was added to the Links page. Be sure to take a look at those, there’s some pretty cool stuff to be found. Also, I finally made a separate page for past updates, since this front page was starting to get unruly. No more excessive scrolling!

~ 17 Apr 2006 ~
A relatively small update this time; four new reviews are up. What makes this little update so special though is that my favorite anime movie ever is now represented. Bet you’ll never guess what it is!

~ 17 Mar 2006 ~
This time around, some more new reviews have been posted (including something from the Ghibli canon at long last), and I have finally put another shrine together! Naa! ^_^;
I also tweaked this front page a bit, and added an overdue ‘influences’ section to the info page…
FURTHERMORE, clicking the bright red link in the right sidebar and casting your vote at TCM is probably the most important thing any Ghibli fan or good cinema fan can do right now! What are you waiting for?!?! ^_^
I added a secret omake section too… see if you can find it!

~ 04 Feb 2006 ~
Since the last update, my DVD player has been kept busy. A sizeable batch of new reviews are up! Still no new shrines yet, but there’s always next time. I think it’s time to read some more manga and give some OST’s a listen again, too…

~ 21 Dec 2005 ~
A few more reviews are up, including a couple of 5’s! Everything can’t be a 4 now can it? ^_^; And some more CLAMP. Are the two related? Check the reviews to find out! I’ll try to work on some more mini shrines for the next update, too.

~ 08 Nov 2005 ~
Getting right to it, the first update is here! Check out the review section for some CLAMP goodness.

~ 31 Oct 2005 ~
Welcome to the fully upgraded and reconfigured Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft 2.0! The site was in desperate need of update (hello… two and a half years anyone?!), and – due to an ever-increasing collection and widening tastes – a change in format. However, the approach of the site remains the same. What you’ll find here is a take on anime from a fan’s perspective… namely mine. In simple terms:
Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft is not an image or sound archive, nor a vast encyclopedia of data for any particular title or character. It’s not a site dedicated solely to Ryo-Ohki either. Ryo-Ohki is my mascot. If you are looking for good title- or character-specific fansites, I’ve recommended some in the links section!
Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft is the world of anime seen through my eyes. You’ll find a brief history of how I became a fan, reviews of things I have seen, and mini-shrines dedicated to some of my favorite things in the anime world, along with any other random ideas that pop up along the way.
In other words, my little contribution to the world of anime fandom.
Enjoy the site! ^_^