Haro’s Hangar

Haro's Hangar

Hi, I’m liquidcross. You may remember me from such blogs as Text and Violence and The Indigo Tribe. Or not. Anyway, I’m here at the request of my longtime friend Tom to occasionally write about all things Gundam, in a section of Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft known as…Haro’s Hangar! I’ll mainly be writing reviews of the various Gundam series and films. As with other reviews elsewhere on the Loft, my reviews will be spoiler-free. I might even throw in some model kit reviews and random Gundam-related commentaries here and there…

There’s no specific frequency to my posts; some months may get more than one entry, otherwise there may be a drought for a while until I whip up something else. It’s not like you won’t have plenty of other reading material available on the Loft!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer in the Hangar, and your comments on my writings are always welcome. Please look forward to them.

[ Haro’s Hangar Reviews ]

[ Commentary: Mecha? Story? Or something else? ]

Meet liquidcross ] [ Who (or what) is Haro? ]


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