Who (or what) is Haro?


“Wait a minute…who’s Haro?
And why does he/she/it have a hangar?”

Haro’s Hangar takes its name from a spherical robot built by protagonist Amuro Ray in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. (As for the “hangar” part…well, where else would you store a Gundam?) Haro was essentially a robotic pet that rolled or floated around after Amuro, flapping its “ears” and loudly repeating brief phrases in a stilted voice. It would occasionally offer useful information, but was usually there for light comic relief. Haro could even sprout stubby arms and legs if necessary.

The classic tale of a man, his robot, and his underwear.

Haro would later show up in many different Gundam series, even those not taking place in the Universal Century (the setting of the original series and its sequels). In fact, Haro is the only Gundam character to do so, although they are not the same Haro across the multiverse. For example, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE‘s Flit Asuno built a Haro that also functions as a portable computer (its “mouth” opens to reveal a screen and keypad), while Mobile Suit Gundam 00 features multiple Haros used for maintenance and combat support.

This is not Haro bowling.

Haro’s pervasiveness in Gundam lore has made it a mascot not only for the series, but also for animation studio Sunrise. Thus, Haro perfectly serves the same function in this section of Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft.

Yes, I have one at home. Don’t judge me.


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