Here I will review things I have seen, read, or listened to.
I don’t like spoilers, so you won’t find any here either.
I’ll try to be objective, but in the end these are
my impressions;
your mileage may vary.


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Each title is rated relative to itself, based on objective and subjective factors.

What the ratings mean:

A+ – Desert Island Pick

A – Excellent

B – I liked it a lot/pretty good

C – It’s OK

Longtime visitors will notice that I’ve tweaked my grading system slightly. Rather than using a 1 through 5 “carrot” system, which had yet to see use of a “1” or “2” score, I’ve gone to a more traditional academic grading system. All of the old “carrot” scores have been converted to letter grades, with a few titles receiving revised grades in the process.

Q: Why aren’t there many bad reviews?

A: 99% of these titles are in my collection, and I tend to only watch and buy titles I enjoy or think I will enjoy, like most people would. I am merely sharing my thoughts on them with you. I am but one person, and have neither the time nor the resources to watch every anime and read every manga ever made. 😉


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