Matsuri Sakuragi & Ana Coppola (Strawberry Marshmallow)

Ana Coppola & Matsuri Sakuragi
Strawberry Marshmallow

There’s a reason that my handle on a certain anime forum is Serial Experiments Nobue. Like Nobue in Strawberry Marshmallow, my favorite of the girls are Matsuri and Ana. They’re the youngest two of the bunch, but to me they’re the cutest and most fun. Matsuri is the shy and quiet one who dresses like a grandmother. Ana is the English girl who can’t remember English. The two start out nearly as enemies in their fifth grade class, but soon they become the best of friends.

When it comes to cute, it’s hard to top the duo of Matsuri and Ana in my book.

(For even more Matsuri and Ana cuteness, be sure to check out my avatar library!)


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