Mayuko Chigasaki (NieA_7)

Mayuko ChigasakiMayuko Chigasaki


Mayuko Chigasaki, the hapless co-lead of NieA_7. She’s my favorite girl (and quite possibly my favorite overall character) in all of anime. Yes, really. It’s precisely because she is so ordinary that I like her so much. Mayuko is just a poor girl (in the literal sense, too) trying to get by while trying to get into college. She also has to put up with an alien roommate who is as unpredictable as they come and is always trying to mooch food off of her, even when Mayuko herself has barely enough to last for the week.

Mayuko’s the kind of girl I just want to help feel better since I feel so sorry for her. She’s one of those characters that I wish was a real person and I knew personally. So there.


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